The Book That Would Never Come Out… Available Now!

596 pages of juggling history, The most comprehensive book about the history of juggling ever written – Now Available!

Juggling, The Past and FutureKarl-Heinz Ziethen’s long awaited book Juggling — The Past and Future is a new, extended edition of his previous double volume masterpiece 4,000 Years of Juggling.This book reveals the intricacies hidden inside the entire history of juggling with startling detail. Beginning with the earliest traces of the genre in the ancient Egyptian tombs at Beni Hasan (1994 B.C.E.), and stretching all the way to modern artists and current innovations, this is the most complete work ever published on the subject to date. Spread across 596 pages, there are 1063 archival photos, drawing directly from the author’s personal collection.

The Berlin native Karl-Heinz Ziethen has been an avid juggling enthusiast, historian, and author. He has been documenting juggling for the past five decades and has traveled the world, acquiring photos and collecting knowledge regarding every aspect of the art of juggling. His 13 prior publications about juggling have brought him global fame and respect as the world’s foremost juggling historian.

Karl-Heinz Ziethen devoted his life solely to personal contact with professional and amateur jugglers. He is well known and loved in show business, not only as an expert on juggling but of the circus and variety arts in general. He played a vital role in the revival of the variety arts in Germany by being a personal consultant for several theaters, including the legendary Tigerpalast in Frankfurt.

Juggling — The Past and Future is a deep-dive into the extensive archive that Karl-Heinz Ziethen has created through his life long work collecting juggling history.

Through its pages, an invitation is extended to learn about all the great artists and innovators of this beautiful art form.